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“Hi my name is Colden Thorne, thanks for visiting my personal page.”

Three important things have shaped my personality as a writer:

Death March

This was a gnawing issue on my spirit, a base instinct like hunger, thirst, or sex. A constant restlessness—take your “Death March”. It was if I was blind and walking into the unknown:  On September 9th, 2008 I left my home in Nevada, Las Vegas with only what I could carry. 1500 Miles away, near Bob Quinn, British Colombia, I stepped into the wild.

Weakened by the elements and lack of food, I was brought to a life or death decision:  leave now and live, or stay and go into a cold slumber and die. On the evening of the third day out, I stumbled on frost bitten feet into the Galore Creek Mining Camp helicopter base. Just in time, I’m not sure I could survive another night! I asked what day it was: the answer was, “November 9th”. My wilderness exile was roughly one month.

Cold weather Training

The following year I trekked to one of the coldest micro-climates in North America:  there at the Rocky front, Choteau, Montana. I vowed to stay six months in the wild. For eight days the temperature never got above zero degrees Fahrenheit and at night the temperature would plummet to -30°F. I was in the fight of my life until a friendly wind pattern developed, The Chinook Arch. Again, I survived my stay in the wild, again, just barely.

The Meridian-runner

A product of my long treks is a very efficient walking stride:  I call it meridian-running. The stance phase is divided into two separate but equal parts:  The raptor step and the half-moon step. The red-line is on the right; the blue-line is on the left. When the stride is accelerated, the brain flows from one meridian to the other without breaking stride.

This is my second written work and you can read it at Meridian-running.com and Amazon KDP (please write a review of this book when you get a chance).

The Course Aficionado

In my personal life, I have honed my sexual skills with a sex course I call The Of Course. I can not honestly take credit for this work solely. The female aficionados of the Course have continued to add more and more to the bower that I possess. The challenging Course that has emerged has made this artist extremely happy and sexually content.

The Of Course is my first written work and you can read it at TheOfCourse.com/book/ and Amazon KDP (please write a review of this book when you get a chance).

I have found my Life’s Work

What could be better than making another Course Aficionado? I hope you’ll feel the same way:  to create somebody else who is totally fearless in bed is a very good thing.

Thank you for reading, and always, Good Luck in your Course!


A writer, artist and cold weather survivalist, Colden Thorne currently resides in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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