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She wasn’t even the best looking girl in her family. The oldest sister in her family was sexier. Her mother was sexier, and even the middle sister seemed to have more going on than she did. I think it would have continued this way in her life if I hadn’t told her a story that explained how I really viewed her.

The Pineapple Book
Colden Thorne

He was sent to a tropical island to shoot the location for one of those travel magazines:  Time Life or National Geographic, or one of those types. He didn’t know anything about the island until he saw it on the map.

His plane touched down and he went to work. He photographed the towns and the people. He went to the coast and photographed the fishing villages. He continued to add to his archive:  the birds, animals, and plants were photographed.

He decided to travel inland and walk about for awhile. He left the road and ventured into the jungle and on his map he spotted a boundary marked private property. There the jungle opened into a giant field covered with pineapples.

An old harvest truck was parked on the side of the field:  workers walked toward it carrying pineapples wrapped over carrying sticks. He immediately began photographing the workers. Nearly every worker carried their pineapples with two persons per stick. He then viewed a beautiful woman carrying her stick alone.

He kept getting closer to the work truck and continued to shoot the action. The lone female was once again approaching the truck and she was in perfect view—some great shots! She was wearing a blouse, the kind with elastic around the neck, the ones where the top can be pulled down over the shoulders. Her shorts were hemmed at mid-thigh and a pull string was tied in front. It looked like her sandals were woven from rope and she probably wove them herself. She was one of the hottest women he had every seen!

To his surprise she confidently walked along side the truck and directly toward him. He lowered his camera. She planted her stick upright into the ground, cocked her hips to one side, and leaned her weight on the stick. She said these words in English—“Why don’t you put your camera down and help me harvest some pineapples?”

He was dumbfounded, but thought quickly:  this could be a valuable opportunity to write about his experience on the island. He thinks he said something like, “Why not?” and hung his camera on a tree near the truck.

He followed her into the pineapple row and they made their way to pineapples that were cut and laid into the row. She began using the strings to tie two pineapples together and placed the roped pair straddling the stick. He did likewise. While bent over he could see a bead of sweat roll down her chest and slide atop her breast. She noticed he was looking at her. The stick was heavy enough to carry to the truck; both hoisted the ends of the heavy stick onto their right shoulder. They walked in unison:  their steps and hips were in perfect harmony.

Back and forth they went. It was very hot, oppressively so. He didn’t know where the day went.

The workers began dropping their harvest knives into a canvas bag, and the sticks were piled at the edge of the field. The truck had started its engine and was about to leave. He had no idea how he was going to get back.

At that moment she spoke, “How would you like to have dinner at my house?”

He really didn’t have anywhere else to go, so he smiled and said, “Sure, I’m hungry.”

The others were disappearing into the jungle and they too walked from the field onto a well worn path. She led him to the cook shack. The fishermen had delivered two large fish, and the cook had left the field early to prepare the meat. She pulled two large pieces from the fish and placed it on a paper plate.

She then led him to her one room wooden structure. She brought out two chairs and then started the fire in her outside barbecue. She toasted a few tortillas, diced an onion and chopped a tomato and cilantro. They had fish tacos for dinner. She served them with very strong coffee. It was one of the best meals he had ever had!

It was getting dark so she asked him inside to her room:  it sounds very different in Spanish, though, and he knew exactly what she was asking. He took a nervous breath, nodded and said quietly, “yea.”

She began slicing a pineapple into pieces, and making small talk she said, “The most sensual food on earth is the pineapple.” She was only wearing two garments when he met her, and she pulled her blouse straight down her body and it fell to the floor. She untied the draw string in her pants and they also fell. She stepped out of her sandals and the pile of clothes. She squeezed a pineapple piece and the juice flowed down her front. He moved his head toward her inner breast and kissed her body.

He could taste the sweat and salt, and bit of harvest dirt and the sweet taste of pineapple. She would say a word he had never heard before, “quisaterrape.” She placed a wedge of pineapple between her lips and quickly his face was nestled between her legs.

She asked him to stand and undid his trousers:  she placed a circular cut of pineapple as an ornament on his body. Soon the pineapple round was stiff to his body. She pushed her lips back and forth to kiss the pineapple!

They made love that night and slept until morning.

She was awake first and started her grille:  she made him a cup of coffee and toasted a few tortillas. She dressed the tortillas with apricot jam—they sat together in her two chairs.

They finished breakfast and walked the path together. Many of the others were walking out of the jungle as well. At the field they picked up the stick and twine and started into the pineapple row. They could see the dust from the harvest truck on the road. His camera was still hanging on the tree where he had left it!

Again, he didn’t know where the time went. Again, they went to the hut. Again, they made love.

The days turned into a second week and the second week into fifteen days:  the harvest was over. On the last day, the person who drove the truck began paying harvest wages. He remembered that he earned the island equivalent of $128.00 dollars (his camera costed more than that, a lot more). His workmate earned $150.00, roughly ten dollars a day (a very good island wage).

She explained to him that it wouldn’t be appropriate for him to go to her village, but he was welcome to help her at next year’s harvest. He then asked her a naïve question:  “Where are these pineapples going to?”

Once again she led him to her one room cottage. She went to her cupboard and returned outside with a bottle and a shot glass—she poured a shot from the bottle.

She offered the shot with the word, “quisaterrape,” a word that he now knew the meaning:  kiss the ground you walk on. He threw the shot back; it tasted like sex.

The label on the bottle read:  Trade Winds, Pineapple spiced Rum.

She could bind books. I have seen her books before. I asked her to remember the story and bind a special book and place her own written remembrance of the story in the first few pages. Next, when she was as the height of her sexual power, she was to write her experience on the blank pages of the book. She could paste in pictures of when she felt sexy and build a special diary of thoughts and ideas that she would like to share with her lover.

The Pineapple book would be her secret sexual trophy case, and the only reason it existed was to remind her of how sexy she really was.

She made me promise not to tell the Pineapple book story, she wished to keep it just between us, but I have seen the story change her life and I think her special story will change yours as well.

Colden’s Pineapple Book Advice to men:

After sex, tell her The Pineapple Book story. The next time that you have sex with her, ask her to recite the story the way she remembered it! Then ask her to create The Pineapple Book and place the story she remembered in the first few pages of the book. Explain to her that this book is a special place for her to record the time when she is at her sexual peak. The next goal is to bring the most out of her sexually!

Colden’s Pineapple Book Advice to the ladies:

Clearly, The Pineapple Girl is a sexually confident human being, and my lady had a sexual confidence problem. Bring the Pineapple Book into your life by binding a special book of blank pages. Rewrite the Pineapple Book story the way you remember it and write it into the first few pages of the book. Whenever you are at your sexual peak and the height of your sexual powers record your good works into the blank pages. It won’t be long before you are living the power of your own words!

Colden’s Advice to the Aficionado:

The Pineapple Book reinforces the lessons of The Of Course perfectly. Make your lover a confident and fearless sexual being. That’s what makes an aficionado an aficionado.

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Thanks for reading, I'm Colden Thorne and of course, good luck in your course.

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