New AMC drama, Humans, illuminates the rules of Sex

author:  Colden Thorne
pubdat:  July 7th, 2015

AMC's tv drama humans

What does the AMC new drama series Humans tell us about sex? In this article at /now/ we will break down what a synthetic human could learn about human sexuality.

Three Laws of Robotics

First off, the synths in humans are not three law compliant. This, of course, is the worst case scenario: the synths are making decisions for self-preservation, and they have shown that they will use deadly force.

What is even more disturbing to people in the programming community is that these synths acquire programming glitches that are not linear. The word APRICOT should not cause a synth to drop a bottle of apricot jam, however the synth is powerless to stop or control the action.

Like a failed sub-routine, the synth picks up another bottle of apricot jam, says the same sentence, and drops the bottle precisely on the word APRICOT.

The Of Course as a flawed sexual program

Having laid the ground work for discussion we will overlay a serious programming error within The Of Course. The Course inventor has understood this flaw since the Course inception in 2004: vaginal tension (or squeezing) causes a corresponding effect on sexual compression.

The compression cycle is continuous and uninterrupted. If the male is caught in a cycle of over-compression it will lead to a condition known as p.e. (painfully erect).

What would a Synth do?

We will make the presumption that a synth could learn human sexuality at its highest level. Therefore, we will examine two synth programs to deal with the known male condition of p.e.

For those who are unfamiliar with p.e., the male is caught in a cycle of over-compression and involuntarily “twinges”. This often leads to the “point of no return” and orgasm.

Synth program Number One:

	{if: male enjoys vaginal contraction:  continue compression;

		else:  search for proper vaginal contraction.

		{if male p.e.:  continue vigorous stimulation;
			else: search for proper vaginal contraction.}

		{end if: male orgasms,
			echo:  “was that good for you baby?”  }

Synth program number one is called an elevator and it is used by many very “normal” females every day. It will ultimately lead to male frustration, dissatisfaction and impotence.

It is said that Josephine, Napoleon’s wife, used Synth program number one. Their lovemaking sessions were very short!

Synth program Number Two:

	{if: male enjoys vaginal contraction:  continue compression;

		else:  search for proper vaginal contraction.

		{if male p.e.:  change vigorous stimulation;
			else: search for proper vaginal contraction.}

		{if male twinges:  stop vigorous stimulation;}

		{if male can continue:  find softer vaginal tension;}
		{end if: male orgasms,
			echo:  “oops, I'm sorry, baby.”  }

The second Synth program is not much better than the first. The female has encountered the p.e. threshold and is attempting “to win” the p.e. game. The male is in a terrible compression cycle and can’t “loosen up”; moreover, he can’t fight off the “want to” desire (he wants desperately to have an orgasm).

The Of Course has placed a hurdle that every male must get over, and it is called Bounce. Once the female has encountered p.e., she will never get the male through the Bounce portion of the Course. At Bounce, the male gains a tolerance and “learns” to relax into vigorous stimulation.

Therefore, a conscientious Course female will modify Synth program number two like this:

		{if male twinges:  stop vigorous stimulation;}

		{if male can continue:  find softer vaginal tension;}

		{if male want-to,
			echo:  “no, no, no, not yet.” }

		{if male p.e. is terminal:  Get elevator.js;}

The sub-routine elevator.js ends the Course.

Quickly review the text to see what we have learned:

Three Laws, programming glitches, APRICOT, The Of Course 2004, vaginal tension (squeezing), sexual compression, compression cycle, cycle of over-compression, p.e., painfully erect, twinges, point of no return, orgasm, frustration, impotence, can’t loosen up, want-to, Bounce hurdle.

Without The Of Course I would have no idea how to solve the problem of p.e. Even with an expert program like The Of Course, I’m still susceptible to the condition known as painfully erect.

A fundamental Course Law:

If the female breaches the top Course limit with too much vaginal tension then p.e. is the penalty. The male is locked into a cycle of over-compression and this invariably leads to W.O., or weak orgasm.

How would a Synth solve p.e.? Probably with a program. How does an aficionado solve p.e.? It’s a trap that can’t be won, therefore, both male and female avoid it like the plague!

		{end if: male orgasms,
			echo:  “was that good for you baby?”  }

No, no it wasn’t!

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Next time, we go way past Josephine’s frustrating and impotent p.e. Course and build a relationship sustaining Course based upon extreme tolerance and S.O. (strong orgasm).

Thank you for reading, and of course, good luck in your Course!


Colden Thorne

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Ten Big League managers teach us how to love our mate

author:  Colden Thorne
pubdat:  June 29th, 2015

Ten of the Major League managers have catching experience and this season these men have a combined record of 409-337, 54.8% . Only one has a losing record (Bob Melvin – Oakland Athletics).

What are the secrets possessed by these winners that can help us implement our Course and aid our relationships?

#1 Winning Attitude: Mutability or adaptability

People like comfort zones and agreeability but this rarely happens at the Big League level. The game is constantly changing and this creates advantages and disadvantages.

As a catcher, these men learned to get the best out of their starting pitchers and bull-pen. Intimately they are familiar with these pitchers’ capabilities.

Ultimately, we as course creators have to get the best out of our mate’s capabilities. As difficult situations arise, we can be adaptable and be the person our mate needs the most.

#2 Winning Attitude: Command Power

One of the greatest powers humans possess is command power: We have to make critical decisions that impact our lives and others. A Big League manager has total authority over the day to day operations of a twenty-five man team.

As a catcher, these winning men learn to be the captain of their pitching staff. Mistakes are often punished by extra-base hits and earned runs. Therefore, the catcher-manager has a firm grasp on defensive strategy. Inherently these men are using their day to day Command Power to limit the runs against their ball team.

In this sense, relationships also have Command Power and this can be both good and bad. Mistakes here include: not doing anything at all, making an obvious wrong decision, and being dictatorial or abusing our Command Power.

At the Big League level, managers must be excellent leaders and prove themselves daily in front of their players, fans (this includes the ever present sports-press) and management. Likewise, our decisions will be scrutinized by our mate, friends, family and others in our community. We have to lead, the only question that remains is at what level we decide to do so.

#3 Winning Attitude: Getting along with others

Maybe it’s years in the bus leagues, or being trade five times or being hit or run over twice a week, but the catcher-manager has usually turned out to be a very likable guy.

They have a resilient personality type, they can handle losing streaks, and they are generally on an even keel.

Whether they are subordinate or in charge, their affable personality often makes us want to know more about their opinion. Rarely are they the jokester, instead we can tell that they are watching the action intently and this makes us more apt to confide in them.

As a pirate fan, catcher-managers Jim Leyland and Clint Hurdle have taught me more about relationships than any other man. Both have had to deal with prima donna super-stars, albeit Andrew McCutchen is much less of one than Barry Bonds. Both inherited a Pirate team that the year before lost over 100 baseball games. Subsequently, both men turned it around and put the Pirates into the playoffs.

Both men are married and are in long-term relationships. Jim married Katie in 1987; Clint married Karla in 1999.

They have both changed with the game they love to manage, they both exert Command Power, and they are both easy to get along with.

We can bring their Big League relationship power into our every day lives and make our lover a powerful extension of ourself. We change when they do, we have helpful decisions they will listen to and we’re often hanging out with our best friend.

Can I say I love Jim Leyland and Clint Hurdle? – Easily, man.

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Ten Big League managers teach us how to love our mate

Thank you for reading,


Colden Thorne

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Are you the World’s GREATEST Kisser? – Learn 27 kisses at The Of Course

author:  Colden Thorne
pubdat:  June 23rd, 2015

In this Course workshop we will take the fundamentals of the last lesson and develop them toward kissing. Last week, the Course tensions were: on the skin, into the skin, and deep skin.

Who doesn’t want to be a great kisser? It has taken me years to say confidently that I’m a great kisser. With a few simple instructions, your kiss will be as confident as mine.

The three actor boxes for the mouth

Screen actors learn three boxes to shape their lips for the camera. Remember that light reflects from the mouth parts and it is essential to shape the lips properly. In this sense, the actor is preparing the proper mask for the scene.

Wide thin rectangle

Take the corners of the lips and draw them outward, establish a wide and flat top lip. Many actors can easily speak with this mask and they are attempting to minimize visual distortion toward the camera. It is important to control the width of the lips in the wide thin rectangle. The more uniform the top lip the better.

Small rounded box

Transition from the previous to a small rounded box in the middle of the lips. To actors, this is known as pursed lips. Again, they have to conform the lips precisely to the rounded area and create a motionless expression.

Mid-size squared rectangle

From the rounded box the lips move out toward a mid-range and very much squared-off box. It is much easier to display the teeth and tongue from this rectangle. Although there is more freedom of motion, the actor is confining there actions to the imaginary box.

As we can see from film, actors are precise tacticians with their mouth boxes, their livelihood requires it. If the light does not reflect properly from their face, their performance will lack precision.

Likewise, we as Course creators will set precise lip placement for our partner to copy. This allows our partner to anticipate the kind of kiss we will deliver.

Exercise #1

In succession and with one kiss, create the wide thin rectangle, transition to the small rounded box, and continue to mid-size squared rectangle. Then give up the lead and allow your partner to give you the same multi-box kiss.

Well thanks Colden that was awesome. Great advice, I’m already a better kisser.

Not so fast, we are going to apply last week’s lesson to the three boxes and multiply the number of kisses by three.

The Front Lip Line

Draw a line across the top lip from one corner of the mouth to the other. This is the front lip line, and these kisses are usually soft and rest upon the surface of our partner’s lips.

The Middle Lip Line

Imagine there is a line deeper and parallel the first. This line rests in the middle of our partner’s lips.

The Back Lip Line

We can go deeper and this last line is at the back of our partner’s lips. Like deep skin in last week’s lesson, our kiss penetrates our partner’s lips.

Exercise #2

In succession and logical order, use your three lines to kiss your partner’s three lines. Three times three equals nine Course kisses.
Give up the lead and allow your partner to use their three lines to kiss your three lines.

So far we have three actor boxes times three lines times our partner’s three lines: That’s twenty-seven different kisses! At some point your partner should tap out and proclaim you the world’s greatest kisser, but we can can go one better…

Exercise #3, Ten kisses, Ten smacks

The way we end a kiss is with a smack, and the goal of this kissing game is to have Ten different kisses with Ten different smacks. You may not repeat a kiss and no two smacks may be judged to be the same or you will lose the game. The winner can raise their arms and pronounce themself the World’s GREATEST KISSER!

I have won this game more than once, as a matter of fact, I’m undefeated at this game, so that makes me the World’s GREATEST KISSER! Yea! Woo-hoo! Alright!

On home page is the Eight Sex Must Haves. #2 is Got to Be a Great Kisser. You can go there and get my other seven sex must haves, just sign up with your email address. Click here

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Are you the World’s GREATEST Kisser? – Learn 27 kisses at The Of Course

My next /now/ article deals with Successful MLB Managers & how their secrets help our course.


Colden Thorne

My hands have 60 Course tensions, how about yours?

author:  Colden Thorne
pubdat:  June 14th, 2015

Our Course workshop today will take the course aficionado into three levels of skin pentration. We will add this technique to create a greater mulitple to our Course sensitivity.

From the BSE series we learned that there are five known course tensions. At level five the body begins to lose cohesion and we enter the watery forms.

A well practiced hand easily moves the tension through five levels. This is then suplemented with four Course textures—Butter, Silk, Glass, & Rough.

Notice that my well practiced Course hands have a Course multiple of five times four (Five tensions times four textures). The product of twenty is multiplied by three skin levels to give a possibility of sixty different hand movements.

On top of the Skin

This goes in logical succession to the previous product of twenty, our hand and tension can remain on top of the skin we are touching. Our multiple is unchanged and remains at twenty.

Our Skin into our partner’s Skin

Imagine for a moment that our skin could merge with our partner’s skin. My skin has magically gone into and glides along and inside my partner’s skin. We are no longer operating upon the skin but have reached a shallow subdermal level. We can successfully increase our multiple by twenty. Two times the initial twenty and the product stands at forty.

Deep Skin

The last skin penetration brings our Course multiple to the highest possible number. Imagine our Course tension going deep within our partner’s subdermal layer. We are now operating in the area called Deep Skin. Since this is logically possible, we have successfully brough our Course multiple to sixty.

Our hand can be guided

Our hand or stroke or kiss can be guided by our partner’s negative space or desire. They can passively shape the tension they wish to receive. Therefore, they can say with their skin tension how deep the stroke should go. With this, our sixty tensions rapidly influence sixty responses. From there, our partner can make an active suggestion.

How sensitive is your partner’s skin?

A good carpenter does not blame his tools. As you can see, my Course females have sixty Course tensions with which they receive my hands, strokes, kisses and movements. There is no reason in a short period of time that your lover won’t have a similar tapestry to their Course.

Never blame your partner for lacking the right Course tension; instead, show them the sixty Course tensions and allow them to create an extrodinary course of action.


These written paragraphs may sound unbelievable for the Course novice or Course virgin, but not for a Course aficionado. For them, the aficionados, this is par for the course. Go to Amazon today and take the Course and add your name to the regisitry of Course aficionados.

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My hands have 60 Course tensions, how about yours?

My next /now/ article deals with kissing. I’ll see you CV’s, CN’s and aficionados there.


The Increaseth spell

author:  Colden Thorne
pubdat:  October 24th, 2014

Coupled with our last aficionado spell, flowers—the spell “Increaseth” forms the second of an unstoppable pair. Let’s say we as course creators could increase the size of any body part by ten times it’s normal size.  Men the world over are thinking, does this spell work on the… …you know… …the thing down there.  Well read on and discover how to get that tingly feeling anywhere you desire to create it.

The pre-coital decision

Begin in the post coital hug postion: the male is half mounted with his top leg over the female’s near-side leg. She is on her back; his head is resting upon her shoulder cleft.  His arm is across her body.

The male brings his genitals to contact her skin; he issues a command—”Increaseth times ten.”  In response to this command, the female conjures her negative space and bio-electrical energy to focus upon the male genitals.  Her goal is to create the energy that enlarges the male penis by ten times it’s size.  Of course this is exaggerated, but remember that she is flexing the energy that enlarges the penis.  Both participants are increasing the energy play within the male penis, but in the future the male is expecting the female to initiate the spell at its highest level.

Once again, notice the sub-heading:  at some point both male and female will make a decision about sex.  Increaseth by ten is a good plateau for the spell, the male enjoys the energy and both can wait.  Nevertheless, the fork still exists:  increase the spell and have sex or go to sleep.

Go to Sleep

Your course creator has slept with some amazing “good night sleep” aficionados.  Here are their secrets.  Usually, the female is in charge of the Go to Sleep spell and the Course male must play along or he’ll receive a penalty.

the gap

The gap exists in everything we do, from standing in line to picking up a box.  The human brain places these relationships in a very high order of development.

In this example, the female will sink the male into her body with five levels.  To test each level the male can attempt to resist and return to a higher level but the female will use her negative space to actively resist the male.

Level one is the least comfortable and most firm of the levels.  There are probably negative gap levels as well, for example:  when a man attempts to place his arm around the female and she shrugs her shoulder with an “as if” or “not so fast” or “no way pal”.

The female is attempting to create a soft and cuddly pillow for the man’s head.  Therefore, she will decrease her tension and soften her negative space to Level two.  She sinks the male’s head again, this time to Level three.  Then, with the perfect time interval established she reduces to Level four.  The male, on the other hand, is powerless to oppose this.  He can try though, and resist to try to return to Level three.  However, it’s her pillow and male is caught in the powerful grip of her negative space.

Finally, the female has arrived at the desired sleeping softness, Level five.  Also and important, the female will reduce the softness of the other contact points on her body; the male is stuck in a pillow of softness.  Here she will administer the next part of the spell.

five levels of consciousness

With the same spell dexterity, the female will administer an intoxicating sleep command.  This spell also has five levels, and the beginning level is Level five, wide awake; Level four is half-asleep or drowsy; Level three is sleep but barely conscious; Level two (the desired sleep number) is deep theta wave producing sleep; Level one is medically unconscious and need of revival (don’t go there).

drawing the male to sleep

The male can again try to resist the female’s sleep spell by trying to draw to the previous level, but the female will utilize her negative space to resist this.

Once at Level two, the female can refine her theta wave spell until it is overpowering.  In a matter of minutes the male will be fast asleep.

I guess we are not having sex tonight!

waking your partner in the morning

In an earlier post, the female utilize her negative space to create a waking yawn.  She can use that technique in the morning when she reverses the spell.  Rouse the male from Level two to Level three.  Then slowly judge the time interval to Level four, and then surprise, hit the yawning spell.  The male quickly goes to Level five, “good morning sleepy head.”

The sex part of the fork

Way up there was the pre-coital decision to have sex or go to sleep.  We are going to build a powerful spell that nobody can resist.  Together the male and female will flex this spell to its extreme limits.

Increaseth times twenty, what doe’s that do?

The plateaued Increaseth times ten spell will now go to eleven, twelve, thirteen.  Begin forcing more energy into the spell…  Increaseth fifteen, sixteen, seventeen.  Even more power goes into the spell…, eighteen, one more, and TWENTY.  The male literally can’t stand it anymore; he starts humping the female’s body.

Increaseth as a walking around attitude

In the game of life, men automatically are attracted to the Increaseth female and are “put off” by the decreaseth female.

Case study number 1:

Mae West photo

A blonde bombshell, Mae West made a good living off the Increaseth spell, and few men could resist her charm, wit, and sex appeal.  A Hollywood starlet at the ripe age of forty, she would be the second highest earning person in America (1935).  Only William Randolph Hearst— newspaper publisher and magnate—earned more money.

She was a sexual libertine when few women would dare. Mae was unabashed, she liked men; and naturally, men loved Mae.

Case study number 2:

Ninon de l'Enclos first draft

A Parisian courtesan, Ninon de l’Enclos left the business and entered a convent.  When she returned to Paris she vowed never to allow men to dictate sexual terms to her again.  Her salon became a popular gathering place for some of the most powerful men of her time.  Colden Thorne’s The Of Course devotes one Chapter to Ninon’s lovemaking skill and considers her the first true aficionado.

Ninon and Mae lived to be eighty-five and eighty-seven respectively.  Both were libertines and got along with men superbly.  They took a genuine interest in their men and used their feminine skills to transform those men’s lives.  Ultimately, they saw sex as a game they could win and with this, they both died very rich women.

For those women reading, disobey the Increaseth spell at your own peril.  Men may never forgive you for the smallest infraction against the law.

For those men reading, teach the Increaseth spell and shape it with your negative space.  The female will be empowered and will thank you for the rest of your life.  It is far better to build a powerful female ally then have a sexual tryst.

I leave you with this Mae West quote:

If he’s got some defect, for instance, or something he’s self-conscious about, I always make it a point to flatter him about that very thing.

To read the rest of this article click here:

Mae West’s Advice to young girls in Love by Gladys Hall
(you’ll have to scroll to the second article)

You can link to this page and help spread the Increaseth spell to every male in the world:

<a href="">The Increaseth spell by Colden Thorne</a>

Thank you for reading, and of course, good luck in your Course!

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The powerful Aficionado spell—Flowers

author:  Colden Thorne
pubdat:  October 6th, 2014

This one concept has the potential to change every Course that you create.  The concept is called flowers and once it is turned on, it can’t be turned off.  The spell can be broken though, but the question is—”How?”

The aficionado who created it

The author was once in a post-coital hug with a powerful aficionado.  She was doing something but it was hard to define and she wouldn’t reveal her secret.  Therefore, the perplexed Course master desires the female to turn it off.  The female’s answer to this is a terse, “No way, pal.”  Quickly, a spell was created to counteract her spell.  Ok then…

“Turn to steel”

In the warrior’s battle set, there is an emotional change, and the warrior turns to steel.  This allows the soldier to engage the enemy.  Again, once the spell of steel is turned on, it can’t be turned off.  Soldiers suffering from PTSD find it very difficult to get out of their battle set, and it affects their lives on a daily basis.

The author understands this phenomenon and will utilize one powerful spell to countermand the other.

Sure enough, the command to “Turn to Steel” did turn off her previous spell, but how do we as Course creators bring her spell into existence.  Since she is sly and has remained mute on the subject, we will build her spell from the ground up.

The seed pods


Engaged in the post-coital hug, instruct the female to plant seed pods under her skin.  The nascent plant is just beginning to sprout though the skin.  This is the spell called flowers, LEVEL ONE.

The seedling


Prompt the female to have the seed sprouts to grow through the skin.  Tiny green stems are seen growing and covering the near side of her body.  She is now at LEVEL TWO of the flowers spell.

The flower bud appears


In due course of time, the flower begins to show beautifully colored blossoms.  This is the first surprise in the spell and both participants begin to feel happy.  LEVEL THREE of the flowers spell is complete.

The flowers burst into bloom


This is the part of the spell we wish to engage at the highest level.  There is an amazing amount of good energy, and happiness flows from LEVEL FOUR.  Instruct the female to conjure up these feelings:

  • happiness
  • friendship
  • goodness
  • kindness

We will attempt to hold the spell at this level because things can get out of hand.

One flower too many


Instruct the female to keep adding flowers to the LEVEL FOUR field.  At a certain point the spell breaks down and a feeling of giddiness develops.  When the LEVEL FIVE spell reaches its pinnacle, tell her to giggle.  This is too much of a good thing.

Therefore, the spell and its instructions return to LEVEL FOUR and the spell lasts indefinitely.  With this, she is not allowed to turn the spell off.  Instead, she must wait until the spell wears off.

Doesn’t Steel turn this off though

In compliance with the Flower spell, you can trick her to turn the spell off.  Simply instruct the female to cover the LEVEL FOUR flower field with Steel.  Once she has engaged the Steel spell, she must leave it on indefinitely (that is, until that spell wears off).  If she asks to turn on the Flower spell again:  say, “No, impossible.”  Engage her negative space with your Steel spell and return her to Steel.

Turn On

In the future, you can lend a mild reproof, “Did I not show you how to “turn on” and you are still “turned off”.”  Soon you will awake every morning to the Flowers spell.  Every course will be ended the same way, that being, with this powerful aficionado spell.

The Great Aficionado Ninon de l’Enclos

Chapter five of Colden Thorne’s The Of Course speaks of a great female sex tactician.  Ninon de l’Enclos must have used these spells to control the men in her life.  Her martyrs from whom she would choose a favori would receive the Course with the Flowers spell.  Furthermore, to end these short relationships she would sour the milk and begin to use the Steel spell.  It is unfortunate for her payeurs though:  they would never receive a Course with Flowers.

You can link to this page and help spread the Flower spell around the world:

<a href="">The powerful Aficionado spell—Flowers</a>

A heart felt Best wishes (deep within the Flowers spell), and of course, good luck in your Course!

I can turn you to Steel, but I’m afraid it’s irreversible.

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The Circus and the Rodeo

author:  Colden Thorne
pubdat:  March 15th, 2014

In an instant the course can change from a place of mystery and controlled involvement to an explosion of intense uncontrollable passion.  To amp up your next course allow your course master to show the difference between the circus and the rodeo.

The Circus

Happily we go from tent to tent looking for the next interesting attraction.  Likewise, our course is set up to show the uninitiated a new and interesting technique.  This is a good thing and it is important to create mystery with every move.  The kisses, the hand movement, the body position all contribute to the act of seduction.

We are not mechanical beings

The Of Course is not just a technical book to be learned by rote. It is a place of intense passion and pleasure.  By expanding our course into this realm, course creators reap extra benefits.  Therefore, the closeness of the bonds last long after the technical effects of the course are over.

The Rodeo

The rodeo is a place of short bursts of uncontrollable excitement.  The metaphoric illusion to the rodeo is exactly applied within the course.  The course creator will accelerate the tempo and bring excitement, passion, and love into a brief expanse of time.

Getting from point A to point B

Whether positioned intra-course, the post coital hug, or a goodbye kiss, the actions are suddenly going to transform from the Circus to the Rodeo.  Therefore, the course creator desires to lead into the mysteries of the circus.  This takes time and each new move leads into the next.  Then quite literally, BAM!, switch from the Circus to the Rodeo!  Well up every emotion and feeling and delivery as much passion as possible for nine seconds.  At the count of nine casually return to the Circus.

The person be acted upon will say, “Wow, what was that!”

Love drops

What if the course creator could bring the Rodeo into one stroke count.  That is, one-one-thousand, or one heartbeat (lub lub).  A love drop is a kiss, stroke, or maneuver that has a terse moment of pleasure.  Also, another love drop can be placed as the action diminishes in intensity.

Only one love drop interval is permitted per course, and we as course creators may select the perfect time.  Like painting a picture, the course creator can create powerful reminiscence.

Technique isn’t everything

The Of Course adds technical balance to our love play, but we are amorous beings.  By adding love and passion to our Course we reap the benefits of a lasting emotional bond.  That is the strongest message a course creator can send to their lover.

I am Colden Thorne, your course master, I wish you well (a heart felt love drop), and of course, good luck in your course!

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author:  Colden Thorne
pubdat:  March 1st, 2014

We as course creators often neglect one of the most important places to show and receive love.  Therefore, the course master challenges the aficionado to be more breast-centric.  In this post, the female creates want and the male increases his desire to please.  The target of this game is the supine female and her nearside breast.

The male mounts the female in half-mount:  this is also known as half-guard (a familiar MMA position).  The natural position has the male’s top leg wrapped around the female’s nearside leg, his chin is resting within the female’s shoulder cleft, and his arm is placed upon the female’s mid-section.  This is also a familiar Of Course position:  the post-coital hug.

Controlling the Negative Space

Without consuming valuable text space, simply, the female wants the male to kiss her breast.  First, she creates a desire to receive a kiss and then she actively maneuvers the male’s lower face into position.  The female uses her negative space and sub-dermal energy to inch the male’s lips to the tip of her breast.

The first kiss

This is later used in the waking yawn, but here the attempt is to fork the male’s thoughts.  She will use sub-dermal energy to force the male’s chin down, meanwhile she creates the negative space for a kiss.  Magically the male opens his mouth and begins to kiss.

The waking yawn

If the previous maneuver is applied with a stretching Surf board (see Surf board, she’s stiff as a board) and just the right inhaling breath, then the male mysteriously begins to yawn.  In other words, the female is saying, “Good morning sleepy head, time to wake up!”

The male is forked

The male is roused from inactivity and is moved by the female’s desire, but he quickly learns that the female wants more than just one kiss.  Her negative space and sub-dermal pressure is moving his lips and face toward her breast.  The actions are so subtle that the male desires to play along and is forced to comply.  Since the male will arrive shortly, the negative space of the breast must be properly prepared.

The concave and convex Breast

Functionally, the female desires to create two dominate energies within the breast tissue.  The first is shaped like a firm pointed cone.  In this sense, she wants the nipple to be the point of the cone and keep the cone erect.  This is know as convex.

On the other hand, she can collapse the energy to create a volcano shaped cone.  The top of the breast tissue is allowed to recede or to be punched in.  This is known as concave.

Now that the male has arrived

Her prepared position is now ready for the male’s lips and his desire to please.  As his kisses rise in intensity, she switches between the convex and concave breast to create a suckling motion.  All along his actions are being shaped by the female’s sub-dermal energy and her negative space plan.

What else can she do with her new found power?

Well, if she has the negative space practiced to receive a kiss, why then can’t she also kiss the male with her breast?  Pretend for a moment that the concave breast has a top lip formed by the volcanic rim.  This form can be used to kiss the male’s body.

When she spoons against her lover’s back she can place the convex nipples firmly upon the male’s back.

Finally, when the female lowers her torso during sex, she can place her breasts to kiss the male’s chest.

Being Breast-centric is just another way to enhance the sex course you have already learned.  Why not get into the ordering process and begin practicing The Of Course tonight!

I’m Colden Thorne, and of course, good luck in your course!

The artistic value:  Texture

author:  Colden Thorne
pubdat:  January 19th, 2014

In this course changing post the author delivers one of the most coveted sex attributes—texture.  The tattoo competition Ink Master has always challenged the artists to bring texture into their tattoo creations.  Likewise, your course master will challenge course creators to bring this amazing artistic value into their very next course.

The female vagina will receive four different forms of texture:  glass, silk, butter, and rough.  Once these four are mastered, other textures can be added to the individual course.  That being said, the first calibration for texture begins in the post coital hug position:  the male’s chin is resting in the female’s shoulder cleft, he is half mounted on the female’s near leg, and his free hand is placed on the female’s midsection.

It is with this free hand where the male presses through five levels of firmness.  His hand presses down to level one, then two, three, four and reaches a depth of five.  Meanwhile, the female can resist to keep his hand held at the depth of level five.  This is where the tension begins to create the aforementioned textures.

The male will now attempt to move his hand with an up and down linear pattern.  However, he will do so according to the female’s selected tension and her imagined texture.  This creates anticipation and the male will also use his negative space and hand movement to facilitate the transformation.  Well then, since both participants are fully engaged in the exercise, the text will create the very first shared texture.


When the tension is loose and smooth, the hand moves freely back and forth.  Therefore, the exercise is attempting to create a surface that is smooth as glass.  Both the negative space of the hand and the smooth tension on the female’s midsection will transform the motion to act upon a smooth glasslike surface. Naturally, the male is reading the female’s selected tension and moves his hand accordingly.


One of the cardinal elements is wind and this allows for a second light and slippery motion.  The imagined tension is two pieces of silk being drawn over each other.  By adding the quality of wind to the exercise the hand movement becomes more ethereal, and that is the desired effect.  Again, both the hand and surface work together to create the ethereal quality.


The third texture makes use of another cardinal element, and that is water.  Watery forms have a hydroplaning quality and are not as firm in terms of side to side control.  Ultimately, the hand motion will not move in a straight path, but instead, will often veer to one side or the other.  Also, the depth of the motion is difficult to control (with regards to the one to five scale previously mentioned).  Therefore, the watery hand motion is not easily controlled with respect to the x, y, and z axis.

When the hand and surface get more viscous and oily, then a buttery form is created.


The last form makes use of a more tense texture.  The hand flows through the first part of the motion until it encounters the tense spot.  It is like the female has placed a little sand in front of the motion and the hand stutters and skips a few times.  This motion is used to tickle, nudge, and impede the directional stroke.  Therefore, it is applied in a concentrated manner to a narrow band within the stroke.

Work on the motion until just the right amount of tension is used to create the rough surface.  Then work on creating more or less roughness.

This exercise concludes by applying the above textures to the most important sex surface—the female vagina.  You can thank me later.

Why not start your advanced course tonight:

Inside or Outside

author:  Colden Thorne
pubdat:  December 22nd, 2013

The advanced concept of stroke length rapidly developed within The Of Course.  First, the basic compound maneuver Scoop placed a move at the top of the sex stroke and the bottom of the stroke during the same stroke cycle.  Next, the exact position of the top and bottom is noted and the male “locked” the stroke into place—Gunlocking was created.  Finally, if we mentally delete the “locking points”, then the advanced concept of Perfect strokes is brought into existence.  In this post the author expects the initiate to understand the previous implicitly and only be concerned about one thing:  is the stroke construct inside or outside the mainline stroke.


Again the exercise begins in the post coital hug:  the male is resting his head in the female’s shoulder cleft, his top knee is half mounted on the female’s near side leg and his near hand is atop the female’s midsection.  The male identifies the two ouside points of the pose:  the chin and the top knee.  Slowly he constricts the energy between the two points and moves toward a pinch point on the female’s midsection.  Once there, he presses both constricted midsection points together.  Mentally place an image of index finger and thumb drawn together.  Place that image on the two energy points on her midsection.  When these two points converge, rapidly expand the energy outward in the direction of the starting point.  This is called aurora and it teaches the concept of inside and outside stroke construct.

Furthermore, the female can create the previous instructions with her negative space.  Like a photo negative of a desired action, she can constrict the male’s actions toward the aforementioned midpoint.  In this case, she is outside the stroke construct.  From there she could actively create or administer the aurora.  Fundamentally, either she could aurora or direct the male to.

So what does aurora have to do with the sex stroke?

Essential to this discussion is the orchestration of negative space and construct lead.  Moving from an outside construct to an inside construct could rapidly change stroke length.  Moreover, stroke speed will be impacted and maybe also stroke tension.  Naturally, calibrating your personal course and lover has a lot to do with responsiveness.

Aurora is used many places within the advanced course:  kissing, fellatio, cunnilingus, Krunking, body caressing.  Without a doubt, mastering outside and inside stroke length will impart a greater understanding of the moves used within the course.

On its base level aurora will create a Wow feeling.  As the “V’s” of the maneuver go deeper the practitioner is displaying a mastery of a fundamental course concept—stroke length.

Does this prove to you that I’m a course master?  Why not transform your lovemaking today by getting The Of Course now: