The fur goes this way

author:  Colden Thorne
pubdat:  July 30, 2013

In this post, the author challenges the Course initiate to be conscious of sex direction.  The male is to initiate contact and move his free hand in a specific direction; meanwhile, the female is to utilize her negative space to facilitate the movement.  Her negative space explanation is:  the fur goes this way.

The male places his chin and face in the post-coital notch, the area between the female’s breast and shoulder.  He places his palm to the female’s midsection.  Subsequently, his palm should then slide smoothly over the female’s soft skin.  In this sense, visualize a roller ball attached to the end of the middle finger.  Slide the hand down the female’s body and extend the movement until it terminates on her opposite-side leg.

The male explains to the female that she should enhance the motion by pretending that the gain of her skin has fur.  After the male has completely extended his arm, the female’s fur should have the gain going in the direction of the motion.  He returns his action along the direct path.  This time, the male and female act as if the fur has ruffled underneath the return action.  In accordance with this, the exercise displays that the love stroke has a directional feeling or grain.  Furthermore, the female now has a way to place direction within her negative space.  The male will naturally discover the lay of the female’s grain and moves accordingly.

Two more advanced techniques are added to this post.  The female will attempt to use her negative space to initiate a desired reply.  She uses the muscle and skin underneath the male’s face to push his chin down.  Simultaneously she creates a hollow rounded space.  For some reason the male complies with the negative space command and kisses.

The next technique has both previous techniques working together.  The female will direct the male’s lips toward her breast, and once they are there, she uses her negative space to receive the desired action—a kiss.

Who kissed whom?

The powerful use of negative space displays clearly that the female initiated both kisses within the text.  Like a photo negative, every motion within the Course has learned negative space.  The male or female can instantaneously redirect the flow of the Course with subtle movements.  Could you imagine having hundreds of these subtle moves to enhance your love play?

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The very first move—”Strip the Bone”

author:  Colden Thorne
pubdat:  July 20, 2013

At the beginning of the Course, one stroke construct sets the female’s Course in motion.  She states firmly that she will use vaginal tension to raise the level of love play.  The selected move is call “Strip the Bone”.

The stroke construct has been successfully adapted from Margo Anand’s book:  The Art of Sexual Ecstasy.  There, Margo Anand used the move to get the male “back up” for extended lovemaking.  In contrast, The Of Course uses the move to force blood into the male’s hump (the center of the penis).  Because of this, the stroke construct has a limit, and an immediately stroke count is imposed.  Furthermore, the female has a future choice:  when does she abandon the move for a different stroke construct?

Strip the Bone is easy to learn and implement, however, as stated previously, the construct has a very short stroke count (less than ten strokes).  Let’s see the move in action.  The female allows the entry stroke and sets her actions to the exit stroke.  The stroke speed is one:  a level motion that approximates one heartbeat or one second.  In and out, the heart beats lub, lub.  As the exit stroke approaches, the female constricts the labia and causes the tension to rise toward the hump.  At the bottom of the exit stroke, she releases her tension, allows the entry stroke, and resets the action for the next exit stroke.

Why is this move so important to learn?  First, the female begins the male compression cycle.  Next, the female is directly challenging the male to engage vaginal tension.  Last, this basic move leads to very complex vaginal actions—”G”, Scoop, Gun-locking, Perfect strokes.

The male should create the right negative space for the female’s actions.  In this sense, he allows the female to act upon his level stroke construct and challenges her stroke length and tension.  Therefore, the male’s side of the Course is just as demanding as the female’s side.

In due time, this bottom-up stroke construct will need to switch to top-down pressure.  A compound move like “Scoop” bridges the gap neatly, but in five, four, three, maybe one more, the female sets her action to “G”.

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