Inside or Outside

author:  Colden Thorne
pubdat:  December 22nd, 2013

The advanced concept of stroke length rapidly developed within The Of Course.  First, the basic compound maneuver Scoop placed a move at the top of the sex stroke and the bottom of the stroke during the same stroke cycle.  Next, the exact position of the top and bottom is noted and the male “locked” the stroke into place—Gunlocking was created.  Finally, if we mentally delete the “locking points”, then the advanced concept of Perfect strokes is brought into existence.  In this post the author expects the initiate to understand the previous implicitly and only be concerned about one thing:  is the stroke construct inside or outside the mainline stroke.


Again the exercise begins in the post coital hug:  the male is resting his head in the female’s shoulder cleft, his top knee is half mounted on the female’s near side leg and his near hand is atop the female’s midsection.  The male identifies the two ouside points of the pose:  the chin and the top knee.  Slowly he constricts the energy between the two points and moves toward a pinch point on the female’s midsection.  Once there, he presses both constricted midsection points together.  Mentally place an image of index finger and thumb drawn together.  Place that image on the two energy points on her midsection.  When these two points converge, rapidly expand the energy outward in the direction of the starting point.  This is called aurora and it teaches the concept of inside and outside stroke construct.

Furthermore, the female can create the previous instructions with her negative space.  Like a photo negative of a desired action, she can constrict the male’s actions toward the aforementioned midpoint.  In this case, she is outside the stroke construct.  From there she could actively create or administer the aurora.  Fundamentally, either she could aurora or direct the male to.

So what does aurora have to do with the sex stroke?

Essential to this discussion is the orchestration of negative space and construct lead.  Moving from an outside construct to an inside construct could rapidly change stroke length.  Moreover, stroke speed will be impacted and maybe also stroke tension.  Naturally, calibrating your personal course and lover has a lot to do with responsiveness.

Aurora is used many places within the advanced course:  kissing, fellatio, cunnilingus, Krunking, body caressing.  Without a doubt, mastering outside and inside stroke length will impart a greater understanding of the moves used within the course.

On its base level aurora will create a Wow feeling.  As the “V’s” of the maneuver go deeper the practitioner is displaying a mastery of a fundamental course concept—stroke length.

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