author:  Colden Thorne
pubdat:  March 1st, 2014

We as course creators often neglect one of the most important places to show and receive love.  Therefore, the course master challenges the aficionado to be more breast-centric.  In this post, the female creates want and the male increases his desire to please.  The target of this game is the supine female and her nearside breast.

The male mounts the female in half-mount:  this is also known as half-guard (a familiar MMA position).  The natural position has the male’s top leg wrapped around the female’s nearside leg, his chin is resting within the female’s shoulder cleft, and his arm is placed upon the female’s mid-section.  This is also a familiar Of Course position:  the post-coital hug.

Controlling the Negative Space

Without consuming valuable text space, simply, the female wants the male to kiss her breast.  First, she creates a desire to receive a kiss and then she actively maneuvers the male’s lower face into position.  The female uses her negative space and sub-dermal energy to inch the male’s lips to the tip of her breast.

The first kiss

This is later used in the waking yawn, but here the attempt is to fork the male’s thoughts.  She will use sub-dermal energy to force the male’s chin down, meanwhile she creates the negative space for a kiss.  Magically the male opens his mouth and begins to kiss.

The waking yawn

If the previous maneuver is applied with a stretching Surf board (see Surf board, she’s stiff as a board) and just the right inhaling breath, then the male mysteriously begins to yawn.  In other words, the female is saying, “Good morning sleepy head, time to wake up!”

The male is forked

The male is roused from inactivity and is moved by the female’s desire, but he quickly learns that the female wants more than just one kiss.  Her negative space and sub-dermal pressure is moving his lips and face toward her breast.  The actions are so subtle that the male desires to play along and is forced to comply.  Since the male will arrive shortly, the negative space of the breast must be properly prepared.

The concave and convex Breast

Functionally, the female desires to create two dominate energies within the breast tissue.  The first is shaped like a firm pointed cone.  In this sense, she wants the nipple to be the point of the cone and keep the cone erect.  This is know as convex.

On the other hand, she can collapse the energy to create a volcano shaped cone.  The top of the breast tissue is allowed to recede or to be punched in.  This is known as concave.

Now that the male has arrived

Her prepared position is now ready for the male’s lips and his desire to please.  As his kisses rise in intensity, she switches between the convex and concave breast to create a suckling motion.  All along his actions are being shaped by the female’s sub-dermal energy and her negative space plan.

What else can she do with her new found power?

Well, if she has the negative space practiced to receive a kiss, why then can’t she also kiss the male with her breast?  Pretend for a moment that the concave breast has a top lip formed by the volcanic rim.  This form can be used to kiss the male’s body.

When she spoons against her lover’s back she can place the convex nipples firmly upon the male’s back.

Finally, when the female lowers her torso during sex, she can place her breasts to kiss the male’s chest.

Being Breast-centric is just another way to enhance the sex course you have already learned.  Why not get into the ordering process and begin practicing The Of Course tonight!

I’m Colden Thorne, and of course, good luck in your course!

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