The Circus and the Rodeo

author:  Colden Thorne
pubdat:  March 15th, 2014

In an instant the course can change from a place of mystery and controlled involvement to an explosion of intense uncontrollable passion.  To amp up your next course allow your course master to show the difference between the circus and the rodeo.

The Circus

Happily we go from tent to tent looking for the next interesting attraction.  Likewise, our course is set up to show the uninitiated a new and interesting technique.  This is a good thing and it is important to create mystery with every move.  The kisses, the hand movement, the body position all contribute to the act of seduction.

We are not mechanical beings

The Of Course is not just a technical book to be learned by rote. It is a place of intense passion and pleasure.  By expanding our course into this realm, course creators reap extra benefits.  Therefore, the closeness of the bonds last long after the technical effects of the course are over.

The Rodeo

The rodeo is a place of short bursts of uncontrollable excitement.  The metaphoric illusion to the rodeo is exactly applied within the course.  The course creator will accelerate the tempo and bring excitement, passion, and love into a brief expanse of time.

Getting from point A to point B

Whether positioned intra-course, the post coital hug, or a goodbye kiss, the actions are suddenly going to transform from the Circus to the Rodeo.  Therefore, the course creator desires to lead into the mysteries of the circus.  This takes time and each new move leads into the next.  Then quite literally, BAM!, switch from the Circus to the Rodeo!  Well up every emotion and feeling and delivery as much passion as possible for nine seconds.  At the count of nine casually return to the Circus.

The person be acted upon will say, “Wow, what was that!”

Love drops

What if the course creator could bring the Rodeo into one stroke count.  That is, one-one-thousand, or one heartbeat (lub lub).  A love drop is a kiss, stroke, or maneuver that has a terse moment of pleasure.  Also, another love drop can be placed as the action diminishes in intensity.

Only one love drop interval is permitted per course, and we as course creators may select the perfect time.  Like painting a picture, the course creator can create powerful reminiscence.

Technique isn’t everything

The Of Course adds technical balance to our love play, but we are amorous beings.  By adding love and passion to our Course we reap the benefits of a lasting emotional bond.  That is the strongest message a course creator can send to their lover.

I am Colden Thorne, your course master, I wish you well (a heart felt love drop), and of course, good luck in your course!

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