The Increaseth spell

author:  Colden Thorne
pubdat:  October 24th, 2014

Coupled with our last aficionado spell, flowers—the spell “Increaseth” forms the second of an unstoppable pair. Let’s say we as course creators could increase the size of any body part by ten times it’s normal size.  Men the world over are thinking, does this spell work on the… …you know… …the thing down there.  Well read on and discover how to get that tingly feeling anywhere you desire to create it.

The pre-coital decision

Begin in the post coital hug postion: the male is half mounted with his top leg over the female’s near-side leg. She is on her back; his head is resting upon her shoulder cleft.  His arm is across her body.

The male brings his genitals to contact her skin; he issues a command—”Increaseth times ten.”  In response to this command, the female conjures her negative space and bio-electrical energy to focus upon the male genitals.  Her goal is to create the energy that enlarges the male penis by ten times it’s size.  Of course this is exaggerated, but remember that she is flexing the energy that enlarges the penis.  Both participants are increasing the energy play within the male penis, but in the future the male is expecting the female to initiate the spell at its highest level.

Once again, notice the sub-heading:  at some point both male and female will make a decision about sex.  Increaseth by ten is a good plateau for the spell, the male enjoys the energy and both can wait.  Nevertheless, the fork still exists:  increase the spell and have sex or go to sleep.

Go to Sleep

Your course creator has slept with some amazing “good night sleep” aficionados.  Here are their secrets.  Usually, the female is in charge of the Go to Sleep spell and the Course male must play along or he’ll receive a penalty.

the gap

The gap exists in everything we do, from standing in line to picking up a box.  The human brain places these relationships in a very high order of development.

In this example, the female will sink the male into her body with five levels.  To test each level the male can attempt to resist and return to a higher level but the female will use her negative space to actively resist the male.

Level one is the least comfortable and most firm of the levels.  There are probably negative gap levels as well, for example:  when a man attempts to place his arm around the female and she shrugs her shoulder with an “as if” or “not so fast” or “no way pal”.

The female is attempting to create a soft and cuddly pillow for the man’s head.  Therefore, she will decrease her tension and soften her negative space to Level two.  She sinks the male’s head again, this time to Level three.  Then, with the perfect time interval established she reduces to Level four.  The male, on the other hand, is powerless to oppose this.  He can try though, and resist to try to return to Level three.  However, it’s her pillow and male is caught in the powerful grip of her negative space.

Finally, the female has arrived at the desired sleeping softness, Level five.  Also and important, the female will reduce the softness of the other contact points on her body; the male is stuck in a pillow of softness.  Here she will administer the next part of the spell.

five levels of consciousness

With the same spell dexterity, the female will administer an intoxicating sleep command.  This spell also has five levels, and the beginning level is Level five, wide awake; Level four is half-asleep or drowsy; Level three is sleep but barely conscious; Level two (the desired sleep number) is deep theta wave producing sleep; Level one is medically unconscious and need of revival (don’t go there).

drawing the male to sleep

The male can again try to resist the female’s sleep spell by trying to draw to the previous level, but the female will utilize her negative space to resist this.

Once at Level two, the female can refine her theta wave spell until it is overpowering.  In a matter of minutes the male will be fast asleep.

I guess we are not having sex tonight!

waking your partner in the morning

In an earlier post, the female utilize her negative space to create a waking yawn.  She can use that technique in the morning when she reverses the spell.  Rouse the male from Level two to Level three.  Then slowly judge the time interval to Level four, and then surprise, hit the yawning spell.  The male quickly goes to Level five, “good morning sleepy head.”

The sex part of the fork

Way up there was the pre-coital decision to have sex or go to sleep.  We are going to build a powerful spell that nobody can resist.  Together the male and female will flex this spell to its extreme limits.

Increaseth times twenty, what doe’s that do?

The plateaued Increaseth times ten spell will now go to eleven, twelve, thirteen.  Begin forcing more energy into the spell…  Increaseth fifteen, sixteen, seventeen.  Even more power goes into the spell…, eighteen, one more, and TWENTY.  The male literally can’t stand it anymore; he starts humping the female’s body.

Increaseth as a walking around attitude

In the game of life, men automatically are attracted to the Increaseth female and are “put off” by the decreaseth female.

Case study number 1:

Mae West photo

A blonde bombshell, Mae West made a good living off the Increaseth spell, and few men could resist her charm, wit, and sex appeal.  A Hollywood starlet at the ripe age of forty, she would be the second highest earning person in America (1935).  Only William Randolph Hearst— newspaper publisher and magnate—earned more money.

She was a sexual libertine when few women would dare. Mae was unabashed, she liked men; and naturally, men loved Mae.

Case study number 2:

Ninon de l'Enclos first draft

A Parisian courtesan, Ninon de l’Enclos left the business and entered a convent.  When she returned to Paris she vowed never to allow men to dictate sexual terms to her again.  Her salon became a popular gathering place for some of the most powerful men of her time.  Colden Thorne’s The Of Course devotes one Chapter to Ninon’s lovemaking skill and considers her the first true aficionado.

Ninon and Mae lived to be eighty-five and eighty-seven respectively.  Both were libertines and got along with men superbly.  They took a genuine interest in their men and used their feminine skills to transform those men’s lives.  Ultimately, they saw sex as a game they could win and with this, they both died very rich women.

For those women reading, disobey the Increaseth spell at your own peril.  Men may never forgive you for the smallest infraction against the law.

For those men reading, teach the Increaseth spell and shape it with your negative space.  The female will be empowered and will thank you for the rest of your life.  It is far better to build a powerful female ally then have a sexual tryst.

I leave you with this Mae West quote:

If he’s got some defect, for instance, or something he’s self-conscious about, I always make it a point to flatter him about that very thing.

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