My hands have 60 Course tensions, how about yours?

author:  Colden Thorne
pubdat:  June 14th, 2015

Our Course workshop today will take the course aficionado into three levels of skin pentration. We will add this technique to create a greater mulitple to our Course sensitivity.

From the BSE series we learned that there are five known course tensions. At level five the body begins to lose cohesion and we enter the watery forms.

A well practiced hand easily moves the tension through five levels. This is then suplemented with four Course textures—Butter, Silk, Glass, & Rough.

Notice that my well practiced Course hands have a Course multiple of five times four (Five tensions times four textures). The product of twenty is multiplied by three skin levels to give a possibility of sixty different hand movements.

On top of the Skin

This goes in logical succession to the previous product of twenty, our hand and tension can remain on top of the skin we are touching. Our multiple is unchanged and remains at twenty.

Our Skin into our partner’s Skin

Imagine for a moment that our skin could merge with our partner’s skin. My skin has magically gone into and glides along and inside my partner’s skin. We are no longer operating upon the skin but have reached a shallow subdermal level. We can successfully increase our multiple by twenty. Two times the initial twenty and the product stands at forty.

Deep Skin

The last skin penetration brings our Course multiple to the highest possible number. Imagine our Course tension going deep within our partner’s subdermal layer. We are now operating in the area called Deep Skin. Since this is logically possible, we have successfully brough our Course multiple to sixty.

Our hand can be guided

Our hand or stroke or kiss can be guided by our partner’s negative space or desire. They can passively shape the tension they wish to receive. Therefore, they can say with their skin tension how deep the stroke should go. With this, our sixty tensions rapidly influence sixty responses. From there, our partner can make an active suggestion.

How sensitive is your partner’s skin?

A good carpenter does not blame his tools. As you can see, my Course females have sixty Course tensions with which they receive my hands, strokes, kisses and movements. There is no reason in a short period of time that your lover won’t have a similar tapestry to their Course.

Never blame your partner for lacking the right Course tension; instead, show them the sixty Course tensions and allow them to create an extrodinary course of action.


These written paragraphs may sound unbelievable for the Course novice or Course virgin, but not for a Course aficionado. For them, the aficionados, this is par for the course. Go to Amazon today and take the Course and add your name to the regisitry of Course aficionados.

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My hands have 60 Course tensions, how about yours?

My next /now/ article deals with kissing. I’ll see you CV’s, CN’s and aficionados there.