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author:  Colden Thorne
pubdat:  June 23rd, 2015

In this Course workshop we will take the fundamentals of the last lesson and develop them toward kissing. Last week, the Course tensions were: on the skin, into the skin, and deep skin.

Who doesn’t want to be a great kisser? It has taken me years to say confidently that I’m a great kisser. With a few simple instructions, your kiss will be as confident as mine.

The three actor boxes for the mouth

Screen actors learn three boxes to shape their lips for the camera. Remember that light reflects from the mouth parts and it is essential to shape the lips properly. In this sense, the actor is preparing the proper mask for the scene.

Wide thin rectangle

Take the corners of the lips and draw them outward, establish a wide and flat top lip. Many actors can easily speak with this mask and they are attempting to minimize visual distortion toward the camera. It is important to control the width of the lips in the wide thin rectangle. The more uniform the top lip the better.

Small rounded box

Transition from the previous to a small rounded box in the middle of the lips. To actors, this is known as pursed lips. Again, they have to conform the lips precisely to the rounded area and create a motionless expression.

Mid-size squared rectangle

From the rounded box the lips move out toward a mid-range and very much squared-off box. It is much easier to display the teeth and tongue from this rectangle. Although there is more freedom of motion, the actor is confining there actions to the imaginary box.

As we can see from film, actors are precise tacticians with their mouth boxes, their livelihood requires it. If the light does not reflect properly from their face, their performance will lack precision.

Likewise, we as Course creators will set precise lip placement for our partner to copy. This allows our partner to anticipate the kind of kiss we will deliver.

Exercise #1

In succession and with one kiss, create the wide thin rectangle, transition to the small rounded box, and continue to mid-size squared rectangle. Then give up the lead and allow your partner to give you the same multi-box kiss.

Well thanks Colden that was awesome. Great advice, I’m already a better kisser.

Not so fast, we are going to apply last week’s lesson to the three boxes and multiply the number of kisses by three.

The Front Lip Line

Draw a line across the top lip from one corner of the mouth to the other. This is the front lip line, and these kisses are usually soft and rest upon the surface of our partner’s lips.

The Middle Lip Line

Imagine there is a line deeper and parallel the first. This line rests in the middle of our partner’s lips.

The Back Lip Line

We can go deeper and this last line is at the back of our partner’s lips. Like deep skin in last week’s lesson, our kiss penetrates our partner’s lips.

Exercise #2

In succession and logical order, use your three lines to kiss your partner’s three lines. Three times three equals nine Course kisses.
Give up the lead and allow your partner to use their three lines to kiss your three lines.

So far we have three actor boxes times three lines times our partner’s three lines: That’s twenty-seven different kisses! At some point your partner should tap out and proclaim you the world’s greatest kisser, but we can can go one better…

Exercise #3, Ten kisses, Ten smacks

The way we end a kiss is with a smack, and the goal of this kissing game is to have Ten different kisses with Ten different smacks. You may not repeat a kiss and no two smacks may be judged to be the same or you will lose the game. The winner can raise their arms and pronounce themself the World’s GREATEST KISSER!

I have won this game more than once, as a matter of fact, I’m undefeated at this game, so that makes me the World’s GREATEST KISSER! Yea! Woo-hoo! Alright!

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Are you the World’s GREATEST Kisser? – Learn 27 kisses at The Of Course

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