Ten Big League managers teach us how to love our mate

author:  Colden Thorne
pubdat:  June 29th, 2015

Ten of the Major League managers have catching experience and this season these men have a combined record of 409-337, 54.8% . Only one has a losing record (Bob Melvin – Oakland Athletics).

What are the secrets possessed by these winners that can help us implement our Course and aid our relationships?

#1 Winning Attitude: Mutability or adaptability

People like comfort zones and agreeability but this rarely happens at the Big League level. The game is constantly changing and this creates advantages and disadvantages.

As a catcher, these men learned to get the best out of their starting pitchers and bull-pen. Intimately they are familiar with these pitchers’ capabilities.

Ultimately, we as course creators have to get the best out of our mate’s capabilities. As difficult situations arise, we can be adaptable and be the person our mate needs the most.

#2 Winning Attitude: Command Power

One of the greatest powers humans possess is command power: We have to make critical decisions that impact our lives and others. A Big League manager has total authority over the day to day operations of a twenty-five man team.

As a catcher, these winning men learn to be the captain of their pitching staff. Mistakes are often punished by extra-base hits and earned runs. Therefore, the catcher-manager has a firm grasp on defensive strategy. Inherently these men are using their day to day Command Power to limit the runs against their ball team.

In this sense, relationships also have Command Power and this can be both good and bad. Mistakes here include: not doing anything at all, making an obvious wrong decision, and being dictatorial or abusing our Command Power.

At the Big League level, managers must be excellent leaders and prove themselves daily in front of their players, fans (this includes the ever present sports-press) and management. Likewise, our decisions will be scrutinized by our mate, friends, family and others in our community. We have to lead, the only question that remains is at what level we decide to do so.

#3 Winning Attitude: Getting along with others

Maybe it’s years in the bus leagues, or being trade five times or being hit or run over twice a week, but the catcher-manager has usually turned out to be a very likable guy.

They have a resilient personality type, they can handle losing streaks, and they are generally on an even keel.

Whether they are subordinate or in charge, their affable personality often makes us want to know more about their opinion. Rarely are they the jokester, instead we can tell that they are watching the action intently and this makes us more apt to confide in them.

As a pirate fan, catcher-managers Jim Leyland and Clint Hurdle have taught me more about relationships than any other man. Both have had to deal with prima donna super-stars, albeit Andrew McCutchen is much less of one than Barry Bonds. Both inherited a Pirate team that the year before lost over 100 baseball games. Subsequently, both men turned it around and put the Pirates into the playoffs.

Both men are married and are in long-term relationships. Jim married Katie in 1987; Clint married Karla in 1999.

They have both changed with the game they love to manage, they both exert Command Power, and they are both easy to get along with.

We can bring their Big League relationship power into our every day lives and make our lover a powerful extension of ourself. We change when they do, we have helpful decisions they will listen to and we’re often hanging out with our best friend.

Can I say I love Jim Leyland and Clint Hurdle? – Easily, man.

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Ten Big League managers teach us how to love our mate

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