Mi Amore

author:  Colden Thorne
pubdat:  November 23, 2013

Cardinal Richelieu was rumored to have paid fifty thousand crowns to sleep with her.  She reneged and sent one of her courtesans instead.  Albeit, she kept the money!  Renown in her time, this is none other than the great French courtesan, Ninon de l’Enclos.  In this post we will discover her secret power of lovemaking and why she commanded such a high price for her course.

Ninon slept with whomever she pleased and charged a premium price.  Nevertheless, there was a catch:  she divided her men into two groups—payeurs and martyrs.  The second of these two were men with whom she refused sex, and they were obliged to visit her for friendship and conversation.  Occasionally she would choose from her martyrs a favori, a favorite.  She would devote herself totally to the martyr, and unravel her lovemaking.  After three weeks or so, she would discard the martyr and never sleep with him again.  Her payeurs, on the other hand, would never receive such devotion.

We will now bring exactly what Ninon did into our course and change the lovemaking equation forever.  The author calls this technique Mi Amore. The male will assume the post coital hug position:  his head is resting in the female’s shoulder cleft, his arm is across her body and his top leg is placed atop her near leg.  This position is neutral in scale and has a value of zero and this is an important place to start.  A block of wood, a fallen tree, or even a lifeless stone approximates zero feeling or emotion.

Either the female’s negative space or the male’s active decision begins the upward movement on the value scale.  One, the male kisses her shoulder lightly.  The female attempts to use her flesh to pull the male’s chin down to receive a greater kiss.  Consider the scale moving to a higher position.  Bring more activity into the exercise and increase the breathing to expand the negative space.  Both bodies begin to move in unison and the best word to describe this is passion.  In romance languages the term is Mi Amor, my love.  However, in Latin culture the term has a greater meaning—Mi Amore, sweet heart, my honey, my darling, my everything.

Accordingly and exercising course prerogative, one can place a value system on the above paragraph.  Number one is very little passion, like a one night stand; or nine being a very powerful emotional connection as with a life partner.  The Of Course can be perfunctory and mechanical with little or no emotional involvement.  The person is only displaying technical lovemaking skill.  Nevertheless, the Grand Course brings the emotional value system into play and changes the boundaries forever.

At course three to five the participants must decide how far they will go on the scale written above.  Either they will remain friends and playmates, or they will increase their level of involvement.  If the two decide to ratchet up their involvement then the author has created these three rules:

  1. I am under strict obligation
  2. I care about you
  3. I don’t want to hurt you

Naturally, Ninon understood these three rules.  She managed her system perfectly, and after three weeks she would cut her martyr loose.

I don’t want to get hurt

A true aficionado understands the rules of lovemaking and accepts the consequences.  Sometimes these consequences lead to great emotional pain.  However, the skills and emotional power reside in you and can never be taken away.  The Of Course passes on strength and competence and not fear and apprehension.   Mi Amore is a place you choose to go and it’s the best place to take someone you truly care about.

The great lover, Ninon de l’Enclos, transformed her world, and so can you.

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Become water my friend

author:  Colden Thorne
pubdat:  November 16, 2013

In this post the author takes you into the second form of matter.  If it isn’t earth, then it must be water.

The four ancient cardinal elements of earth, wind, fire and water are the basis for many forms of movement within dance and acting.  Rarely do we pay attention to a master of any one of the elements, but instead they pass before our eyes unnoticed.

We are going to take our earthen sex form one step further and as Bruce Lee instructed, “Become water my friend.”  To initiate the transformation, the male will assume the post-coital hug position.  The female is on her back; the male has his head resting in the female’s shoulder cleft, his top leg is half mounted upon her near side leg, and most important, the palm of his hand is resting in the center of her body (just above the belly button).

He issues a command, and presses down with the word one, the first pressure.  She gives in a little but remains firm.  Command two, and he presses a little harder.  She decreases her firmness, and the hand sinks to the second position.  Continue, to position three and four, and the female’s body becomes softer and softer.  To increase her level of difficulty, remind the female to make her shoulder cleft and leg softer as well.

Once she reaches five, the male rests in the softness she has created.  Subsequently, the male can test the softness of level five by attempting to pull away.  He can move his cheek to level four, but the female will resist and return the male to the shallow trough she previously established.

How soft can one go

There seems to be a limit to how soft our level five can be before we lose cohesion.  To advance the exercise, the male places his hand on the mid-section again.  Once he reaches level five he instructs the female to become liquid and lack any coordinates in the movement of the hand.  Instead, both participants should slosh around as the hand moves over the stomach area.  The two can mimic the motion of a water bed, or waves crashing or whatever watery form is brought to mind.

Next, the watery forms are placed with a superior value of five and a lesser value of one.  Therefore, these instructions have gone through a value system of one to ten. One through five represent a earthen value system of softness; six through ten represent five levels of water.

Of course, after water is fire and then wind.  With a little imagination, those are simple to figure out.

Your Kung fu is good, but not good enough

The author has been using The Of Course for more than nine years and has only recently upgraded his course with earth, wind, water and fire. Placed simply, your course will improve if the movements become softer, watery, ethereal, or windy. It may take years to master just one of the cardinal elements.

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Like a drummer in a rock’n’roll band

author:  Colden Thorne
pubdat:  October 12, 2013

In the last post the author challenged the course initiate to have sex like a porn star.  There, the sex skill to be mastered was stroke length.  Clearly stated, the difference between a course novice and aficionado is the exacting nature of their sex strokes.  These “Perfect strokes” can be shaped even further, and we will do that now.

Stroke rhythm places the sex artist on an elevated plane, and it starts with the simple act of counting.  First, the game begins by counting off ten perfect strokes.  Since, the count and the strokes are equal distance a rhythm develops.

Second, pretend the count no longer exists, but the time traveled is on a long highway with posts beside the road.  To mark these posts, the female uses a soft “G” to create a new stroke rhythm.  Let’s explain this exactly:  one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, soft “G”, one, two, three, four, five, (the text can stop counting now).  Nine, soft “G”.  Seriously, I can stop counting any time, seven, eight, nine, soft “G”. Underneath the text the count is still going and a post is going to show up, soft “G”.

Stop counting.

Like a drummer in a rock’n’roll band rhythm counts, and now the text shrinks the previous count to four.  The male will assist the female in the count by creating a perfect four count rhythm.  On the third beat, the female will execute her soft “G” maneuver.  His count is four; her count is precisely on three.  The text spells this out exactly again, one, two, (soft G), four, one, two, (soft G), four, and so forth.  This is a perfect rhythm.

In this sense, the female can expand or reduce the rhythm of her movements.  Essentially, she is not held to the third count in the four stroke meter.  She may expand her soft “G” to the sixth stroke or every other fourth stroke.

In any event, counting may not be necessary if both participants have rhythm.  However, some of us don’t have very good rhythm, and in that case:  one, two, three, four, one, two, three, four.

Soon the count will fade away, and the next stroke will be anticipated.  That’s just being a conscientious lover and a true aficionado.  Your partner will learn your negative space and your rhythm will become theirs.

I am Colden Thorne, your course master, and you have just learned one of the most important things about my advanced course—stroke rhythm.

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Have sex like a porn star

author:  Colden Thorne
pubdat:  September 26, 2013

The difference between a profession porn star and the amateur sex practitioner is a striking one.  In this post the author attacks one of the main problems for the course beginner—stroke length.

If the course creator eliminates elements like stroke speed, stroke construct, values, compound moves, etc., and isolates only stroke length, then the rest of the course should fall into line.  Unfortunately, the course novice usually gets to stroke length last, and that’s to their own detriment.

Therefore, in your next course, make stroke length a priority, and continue to make it a priority.  That is, until you can have sex like a porn star!

Elements of good stroke length

The advanced concept of “Perfect strokes” explains that the length between the top of the entry stroke and the bottom of the exit stroke should be precise and exacting.  Moreover, this length should be reproduced over and over again.

In accordance with the previous, the course practitioner wants to create negative space that can be anticipated by their course partner.  For example, the next twenty strokes will have the exact length, and in this sense, the course partner can operate around the stroke length.

Because stroke length and negative space can be manipulated the actors can now reduce or expand stroke length to fit their course.  Continuing, the course creators can set an outside stroke length or an inside stroke length.

Outside stroke length

The sex actor can place their individual stroke length just outside their partner’s sex length.  This creates a feeling of reaching for a higher point or encapsulating the partner’s stroke.  Also, this can be used as a subtle cue to change the stroke construct.

Inside stroke length

Likewise but conversely, the actor can reduce their stroke length inside their partner’s stroke.  Ultimately, this will compress the partner’s stroke and lead to a tighter stroke construct.

The original course creator is an artist

In the TV series InkMaster (a live tattoo competition) the accomplished tattoo artists who judge the competition got into a heated dispute.  Joey Hamilton’s gecko was defended by Oliver Peck; meanwhile Chris Nunez pointed directly to Hamilton’s outline.  Nunez, who specializes in Japanese style art, is a stickler for line work.  Any inconsistency in line width could draw criticism from this Judge.

Line work

The person sent home that night was Joshua.  Nunez explained in his normal level tone:

“It will be over my dead body that a person who can not draw will be InkMaster.”

The line work of The Of Course is stroke length.  Placed simply, if your stroke length is sloppy, inconsistent or underdeveloped then you’re not a Course Master.  Porn athletes learn this truism quite early and it is easy for the eye to see.  Their course outline is precise, exact and uncompromising.

Course masters share this important characteristic:  their line work has balance, symmetry and consistency.  You can have it too.

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Be a Tyranosaurus in Bed

author:  Colden Thorne
pubdat:  September 13, 2013

In this post, the author displays good body position within the horizontal plane.  In other words, how to be good in bed.  We as course tacticians must display deft control of our lower body to control the sexual environment.  The Of Course is a game of body position and these paragraphs will help you win the game.

As a film actor the student learns the difference between open and closed body position.  This is often exaggerated for film purposes.  Let the text explain.  To be unassuming on film or stage the actor closes his body; meanwhile, upstage, the actor assumes a more open exaggerated posture.  Therefore, to command attention, the actor flexes between the two modalities (open or closed).

The T-Rex position has a closed arm position while the legs have more freedom of action.  The only thing we are concerned about is the knees.  Place the palm of the hand on your knee and slide the hand to the left and to the right.  Notice how the skin moves freely under the hand.

Face to face

While lying on one’s side opposite your partner, place your top knee on your partner’s bottom knee.  Now decide what way to go:  move your knee up and split your partner’s legs or move your knee down to slide the leg under your partner’s legs (subsequently, it is easier to slide your bottom leg under your top leg).  The first position leads to the MMA position known as half-guard.  In wrestling, this is known as a turk ride.  The second position leads to an interlocking seated cradle (a variant of spooning).

So it is quite easy to get into half guard and that interlocking seated thing:  just gently apply your knee, add a little pressure, and allow the knees to slide one direction or the other.  In accordance with this, to by-pass half guard, place the top knee to top knee and slide the leg over your partner’s paired legs.  Proceed to a fully mounted position.


What does T-Rex and that actor stuff have to do with this?  Well, the top partner is now mounted and in the open position; the bottom partner is in the closed position.  Move all four knees to the touching position.  Slide the inner knees out, and the outer knees in.


When the previous is done several times in succession the movement resembles the game cats-cradle.  Move the knees to the open position, return them to the closed position.

Knocking knees?

Now that we have solved that knee problem, try not to strike your partner with an errant elbow, poke a finger in a eye, or scratch a sensitive part.  You may still be clumsy in bed, but you probably won’t be knocking knees!

Surf Board, she’s stiff as a board

author:  Colden Thorne
pubdat:  August 30, 2013

In this post the author deals with two complex kinetic actions—pronate and supinate.  They are both used in sex, but we rarely control the actions completely.  The words pronate and supinate are “I think I know but I don’t know” concepts.  Both words share one distinction— they are direct opposites.

Pronate means down and back; the opposite is supinate, and that means upward and forward.  The author is a kinetic expert and a meridian master (Meridian-running.com), so he’s really good at this stuff.

Many females have used this buttocks tightening exercise:  the athletic trainer, Ron Jones, demonstrates the exercise, click here.  He has successfully supinated his hips.

In terms of our text, the female will supinate her hips by using the “surf board” form.  Like the wave riding device, the body is both long and rigid, but maintains a certain degree of flex.  Surf board has three levels to master:  stiff and flexing, more rigid and less-flexing, and rigid and non-flexing.  Just mentally going through the exercise, the initiate can feel the hips being driven inward, and the torso is lifted.

In sex, the previous leads to optimal performance.  The female now has control over the stroke plane and that is essential to the discussion.  She can use the title technique to maneuver the male’s hips into perfect position.  If he’s not doing something right, the female can totally control the sex plane with her negative space.

“I think I know but I don’t know” has just changed.  I know exactly what supinate is, and pronate is the exact opposite.  The Of Course is available to practice tonight, click here.

She’s stiff as a board?

That’s not necessarily a bad thing, if she knows what she’s doing.  I’m Colden Thorne, (Course Aficionado, Meridian master, cold weather survivalist) thanks for reading, and of course, good luck in your Course!

The fur goes this way

author:  Colden Thorne
pubdat:  July 30, 2013

In this post, the author challenges the Course initiate to be conscious of sex direction.  The male is to initiate contact and move his free hand in a specific direction; meanwhile, the female is to utilize her negative space to facilitate the movement.  Her negative space explanation is:  the fur goes this way.

The male places his chin and face in the post-coital notch, the area between the female’s breast and shoulder.  He places his palm to the female’s midsection.  Subsequently, his palm should then slide smoothly over the female’s soft skin.  In this sense, visualize a roller ball attached to the end of the middle finger.  Slide the hand down the female’s body and extend the movement until it terminates on her opposite-side leg.

The male explains to the female that she should enhance the motion by pretending that the gain of her skin has fur.  After the male has completely extended his arm, the female’s fur should have the gain going in the direction of the motion.  He returns his action along the direct path.  This time, the male and female act as if the fur has ruffled underneath the return action.  In accordance with this, the exercise displays that the love stroke has a directional feeling or grain.  Furthermore, the female now has a way to place direction within her negative space.  The male will naturally discover the lay of the female’s grain and moves accordingly.

Two more advanced techniques are added to this post.  The female will attempt to use her negative space to initiate a desired reply.  She uses the muscle and skin underneath the male’s face to push his chin down.  Simultaneously she creates a hollow rounded space.  For some reason the male complies with the negative space command and kisses.

The next technique has both previous techniques working together.  The female will direct the male’s lips toward her breast, and once they are there, she uses her negative space to receive the desired action—a kiss.

Who kissed whom?

The powerful use of negative space displays clearly that the female initiated both kisses within the text.  Like a photo negative, every motion within the Course has learned negative space.  The male or female can instantaneously redirect the flow of the Course with subtle movements.  Could you imagine having hundreds of these subtle moves to enhance your love play?

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The very first move—”Strip the Bone”

author:  Colden Thorne
pubdat:  July 20, 2013

At the beginning of the Course, one stroke construct sets the female’s Course in motion.  She states firmly that she will use vaginal tension to raise the level of love play.  The selected move is call “Strip the Bone”.

The stroke construct has been successfully adapted from Margo Anand’s book:  The Art of Sexual Ecstasy.  There, Margo Anand used the move to get the male “back up” for extended lovemaking.  In contrast, The Of Course uses the move to force blood into the male’s hump (the center of the penis).  Because of this, the stroke construct has a limit, and an immediately stroke count is imposed.  Furthermore, the female has a future choice:  when does she abandon the move for a different stroke construct?

Strip the Bone is easy to learn and implement, however, as stated previously, the construct has a very short stroke count (less than ten strokes).  Let’s see the move in action.  The female allows the entry stroke and sets her actions to the exit stroke.  The stroke speed is one:  a level motion that approximates one heartbeat or one second.  In and out, the heart beats lub, lub.  As the exit stroke approaches, the female constricts the labia and causes the tension to rise toward the hump.  At the bottom of the exit stroke, she releases her tension, allows the entry stroke, and resets the action for the next exit stroke.

Why is this move so important to learn?  First, the female begins the male compression cycle.  Next, the female is directly challenging the male to engage vaginal tension.  Last, this basic move leads to very complex vaginal actions—”G”, Scoop, Gun-locking, Perfect strokes.

The male should create the right negative space for the female’s actions.  In this sense, he allows the female to act upon his level stroke construct and challenges her stroke length and tension.  Therefore, the male’s side of the Course is just as demanding as the female’s side.

In due time, this bottom-up stroke construct will need to switch to top-down pressure.  A compound move like “Scoop” bridges the gap neatly, but in five, four, three, maybe one more, the female sets her action to “G”.

The person reading doesn’t have to wait until next week to see how this next move turns out.  The site’s companion book has the author’s complete negative space written out for tonight.  Does your sex repertoire have a 74 stroke construct?  How about Perfect strokes with a 62 construct?  There is only one place where you can get this good at sex—The Of Course.com.

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