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These top three sites were my original link partners in 2004.   Therefore, I can recommend them with confidence.


Dr. Betty Dodson was born August 24th, 1929.   In a recent email she cordially reminded me that she was an octogenarian.   She is a feminist lecturer, a classically trained artist, a sexual libertine, and aficionado.   Her 1987 book, Sex for One has sold over one million copies.   If any woman says that they don't have orgasms or that they can't have an orgasm then I type this link:   With these good words I proudly recommend Dr. Betty Dodson's site.   Thank you Betty for all the good sex work you have done with your life.


"Alex" Caroline Robboy is also a certified sex therapist and sex coach.   She lives and works in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.   Her howtohavegoodsex site has been active for more than 10 years.   In 2004, she proclaimed that her email sign-up list contained more than 300,000 active member—Wow!   Alex has a friendly, nonjudgmental demeanor and this has made her a fan favorite.   If a person or couple has a specific sex problem then Alex's site is a good one to bookmark.


Sexinfo101 also has been operating for more than ten years.
The site's specialty is sex positions and they maintain an expansive list.   Their visitors seem younger and the site is tailored toward the sexually experimental.   Be prepared for immediate commercial advertising and sexually explicit material.   With that caveat, have fun at sexinfo101.

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